Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke update 2

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mishti gets Parul’s picture kept inside the temple. She asks around to know who had kept Parul’s picture in the temple. The priest of the temple recognizes Parul and Mishti asks him for help. Mishti gets to know that Parul is Mehul’s wife. Parul’s sister screams that someone stole her phone and Mishti helps her. Parul’s sister gets shocked to see Meenakshi and Mehul’s picture on Mishti’s phone. She tells Mishti that Mehul was married to her sister Parul. She further says that Mehul left for Rajkot in search of a job and then Parul came to know that Mehul was arrested for fraud. She further says that Parul was pregnant and in that state she left in search of her husband Mehul and never returned. Mishti gets shocked to hear the truth.

Parul tries to warn Abir about whatever he is doing is wrong but he doesn’t listen to anybody. Meenakshi is hurt and tells Abir to never leave her alone. Kunal comes and tells Abir that this is a wrong decision and he should not do such a thing. He throws the card and it gets burned. Mehul goes to meet Meenakshi and warns her to sign property papers in his name or else he will take away Abir from her. Meenakshi also comes to know that someone is visiting Rajgarh. She gets happy thinking that Mehul’s end is close.

Mishti gets shocked knowing that Abir changed his surname from Rajvansh to Kapadia. Meenakshi urges Mishti to save his son from Mehul. Mehul goes to a shop and purchases an old watch. He tells the shopkeeper to emboss Kapadia’s name on the watch and make it look old. Meenakshi hands over a legal document to Mehul wherein it is mentioned that Abir is only her son. Mehul tells Meenakshi to transfer her property in his name and he will sign on the papers. Rajvansh and Maheshwari’s family enjoy themselves as they dance together. Suddenly Kuhu comes to Mishti and asks her why she booked a cab.

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