Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke November update

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, Mehul tries to calm down Abir and tells him to not hate Meenakshi. On the other side, Mishti and Kuhu prepare for the former’s Gordhan. Abir calls Kuhu and informs her that he wanted to meet Mishti but she is not picking up his call. Kuhu tells Rajshri and Vishambhar that Abir wants to purchase a ring for Mishti. Meenakshi overhears Abir’s conversation.

Mishti waits for Abir and Rajshri calls her. Rajshri tells Mishti that she knows the latter wants to go to Rajgarh but it’s her Gordhan and she shouldn’t risk her life. Mishti sees Abir but he ignores her. She runs behind and hugs him. Abir gets disturbed and tells Mishti that he wants to stay away from Meenakshi. He says that he cannot hurt his mother and asks Mishti for a solution as he cannot choose between Meenakshi and Mehul.

Mishti tries to make Abir understand and decides to get separated from Abir after their engagement. She promises to reveal the truth about Mehul. She sees Meenakshi who gives her a paper. Mishti gets shocked knowing that Abir changed his surname from Rajvansh to Kapadia. Meenakshi urges Mishti to save his son from Mehul. Mehul goes to a shop and purchases an old watch.

He tells the shopkeeper to emboss Kapadia’s name on the watch and make it look old. Meenakshi hands over a legal document to Mehul wherein it is mentioned that Abir is only her son. Mehul tells Meenakshi to transfer her property in his name and he will sign on the papers. Rajvansh and Maheshwari’s family enjoy themselves as they dance together. Suddenly Kuhu comes to Mishti and asks her why she booked a cab.

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