Why Is Ted Cruz’s Face A Meme?

If you believe random people on the internet, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) may be the Zodiac killer, the lead singer for an 80’s Christian hair metal band, an awkward character from The Office, and everyone’s favorite collegiate basketball villain.

Currently second place in the Republican primary delegate count MEME, Cruz has been an easy target from this cycle’s insult king, GOP front-runner Donald Trump. While Trump questions his citizenship and calls Cruz the “single biggest liar,” there are, however, some unflattering comparisons not coming from Trump, a Super-Pac or off their rockers talking head. Cruz’s face has been compared to the faces of numerous other famous figures or athletes. And there’s more to that fact than just Twitter having fun. In fact, there’s facial recognition science as to why people associate Cruz’s face with so many other people.

“I love the one with the guy from Stryper. That’s so great,” Dr. Benjamin Balas, Associate Professor Department of Psychology, Center for Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience at North Dakota State University, told PopSci. “ I think there is a lot of similarity with the eyebrows.’

Balas cited a study of celebrity facial recognition tests that showed eyebrows were nearly as crucial as the eyes by erasing the eyebrows of celebrities in a set of photos. Subjects were then quite bad at naming the correct individual.

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