Remote Utilities – A Lightning-Fast Tool for Remote Administration

Remote administration technology is gaining popularity among IT professionals due to its flexible options that offer access to isolated workstations and servers in no time. A large number of the IT sectors are making use of this administration technology to maximize their business productivity and minimize their expenditure.

A latest poll conducted among 500 IT professionals regarding the importance of remote administration technology reveals that nearly 73% of it professionals voted that this administration technology has become crucial in the IT sector in the past 12 months. Daniel Dalarossa, CEO of Cyclades said that, their customers relied on this administration technology to reduce operational costs and risks in the IT sectors.

Increasing demand for remote administration has paved way for the development of several remote control programs. Among the latest administration tools, remote utilities software is becoming more popular due to its modernized features, flexible administration options, enhanced performance, reliability and more.

Some important features of remote utilities are listed below:

Remote administration:

Remote utilities software incorporates different sets of flexible features like remote shutdown, task manager, registry and program execution, terminal connection, and it asset management. All these features are tailored to meet the expectations of the system administrators and make remote utilities software an essential remote administration tool.

Remote file transfer:

This tool has modernized file transfer capabilities which make file transfer faster and easier. You can even transfer big files quickly without any difficulty to remote workstations and servers within a short span of time. remoteĀ 
It uses a two-pane window interface as its connection mode to transfer files and access folder operations.

Remote webcam:

This option allows you to capture video and sound from a web camera attached to a remote PC, and transmit to a local PC. Apart from capturing, you can also watch live broadcast from your remote web camera and hear sound through microphone. There are many more flexible options to save the video, enable or disable either audio or video capturing, adjust video quality and choose audio sync frequency.

Screen sharing:

You can access this option in the view only connection mode which allows you other to share their screen with you but you might not be able to control the remote mouse cursor. You can view someone’s screen in three different ways like normal, full screen and stretch.

Remote shutdown:

You can shutdown and restart a remote or local PC from anywhere by making use of remote shutdown connection mode. Apart from shutdown and restart, you can even lock the remote PC or logoff of the current user of the remote computer.

These are some important remote access features which are responsible for its lightning-fast performance of remote utilities software.

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