Poker Warm Up Routine

Have you ever had an ‘off’ day—a day filled with hesitation and second-guessing of every move you make? You probably have.

Days like that come naturally with being a successful poker player, and we’re only human, after all, so we can’t expect to operate at peak performance all the time.

That said, we can take steps to ensure we play close to our best most of the time pengeluaran sgp. One of those steps is to develop and implement a warm-up routine.

There is no ‘perfect’ routine, however, since every person is different. But a poker warm-up routine should accomplish three primary goals:

The easiest way to accomplish this is by applying what you’ve learned to scenarios you’ve actually experienced. For instance, let’s say you’ve struggled with playing post-flop after defending the big blind with a weak hand, but that you recently read a great Upswing article on that topic, did some range work, and now want to apply what you learned during an upcoming session. You should take some time to think about recent hands you may have over-folded or over-called in the big blind. Try to recall your thought processes, and ask yourself how you might have played those hands differently in light of what you’ve recently studied. You might discover that you need to make just a small adjustment to your playstyle, for example. Or maybe a more significant change is needed.

In any case, by bringing recently gained knowledge to bear on past experiences you’ll be much better equipped to deal with spots that were previously troublesome. After all, the problems you’ve prepared for are the best problems you can have.

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