Poker Tournaments – Can You Make a Living!

One who wishes to make their money playing poker must work really hard at it. Not only is it a game involving lots of chance, strategy is very pokerpelangi important. People never know how the playing cards will show, and if the casino poker chips and casino tables will end up gaining, and not losing, their money.

A person could spend a whole lot of money buying these poker chips and end up with all of them gone, on one hand. In all honesty, the chances of losing are much higher than the chances of winning, since most poker tables seat around 8 players. That is a 12.5% chance of winning, versus an 87.5% chance of losing, if you use basic mathematics. When one sits down at one of those poker tables, these are the odds that first jump out of them. A 12.5% chance of actually going home with more money. How can I bet my savings and lifestyle on that? Acceptance of risk is needed, and lots of practice. There are many free poker games all over the internet, which people can visit to try playing others.

Once one begins to practice, and win, then they may be able to make some money. It’s time to move up, to the internet games with actual money, or to head over to the local casino and bet a few bucks. With lots of luck, and any strategies that the person has figured out, maybe they’ll come home with a bit more than they started with, yet this is a rare occurrence. In all reality, the difficulty of making a living playing poker tournaments is exceedingly high.

If one of those tournaments is not so high stakes as others it may be a good thing to try. Get the feet wet, see how it goes, and who knows, maybe there’ll be a winner who just breezed through the whole thing! After that, the buy in for the world poker tour is ridiculously high, so the person trying to win more cash must already be overstocked in the Benjamins. Maybe this person has succeeded in the casinos, and in the smaller tournaments, and they have made enough. Then there is the big problem. Either win huge amounts of money, or lose it all. The largest problem with making a living by playing poker is that it is so extremely unlikely. One would need to have the ability to bluff like no other, and no fear of losing their money. If the truth is really faced, that money could be gone in an instant, and the player could suddenly have endless troubles.


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