Multi Level Marketing Online

What exactly does the new age of MLM mean?

Well think of it like this: In 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980 or even the 1990’s you couldn’t jump onto Facebook and start networking with thousands of Entrepreneurs, you couldn’t email through your companies online presentation, you couldn’t Skype someone overseas, you couldn’t be found by millions of people looking for an opportunity on the “Internet”, you couldn’t be picky with who you let into your business.

You had to literally call all your friends and family, you had to hold home parties, you had to concentrate on local markets, you had to post or fax your forms through, you had to go door knocking with your products begging people to join your business. It took years, no it took decades to make any sort of big money in MLM because of this. There was no such thing as Multi Level Marketing Online.

Enter the new age of MLM. The top producers in this industry have now cracked the code on how to build a successful Multi Level internet online Marketing business. How would you like to tap into literally hundreds of people coming to you with phone calls, emails and Facebook messages wanting to join your business? Wouldn’t that be a change to cold calling, hassling friends and family, going through your list a dozen times and desperately trying to find the right people to join your business over years and years of an emotional rollercoaster (if you last that long).

This is not a myth, this is what the top MLM producers are doing right now. Just imagine this – someone in Canada is sitting at their computer, totally fed up with the 9-5 working grind, they type into the search engine “how to make money from home” or “Multi Level Marketing Online.” Because you have learnt about the new age of MLM and you know how to be found online, up pops your online ad that states “Get out of the rat race in 2 years, I will show you how”.

Now the person doesn’t necessarily believe or trust your ad, but it sounds like a good plan to them so they click on the ad and give you their name and email to see what you have to offer and so the communication and relationship begins.

Now the new age MLMer does not have time to call or email all their leads that they get through the Internet, they are to busy lying on the beach, shopping, playing golf, spending time with their friends and family, travelling the world and just doing the things that they want to do because of their successful Multi Level Marketing Online business. Plus most people that are looking around the Internet are just curious and not serious entrepreneurs so it would be a waste of time calling then anyway.

The new age MLMer lets the “auto-responders” (automatic email system) do the follow up, constant communication, selling and sifting for them. Through these as well as their Blog, website and videos the prospect gets in touch with them with excitement and enthusiasm to join their business. They feel like they know you, trust you and to them you are an absolute success guru. It is fun talking to these people and the conversion is very high. Then they just have to duplicate the process and the rest is history.

Multi Level Marketing Online is still only done by the top 1% of MLMers, 99% are still cold calling, going through their list, putting out flyers and struggling to stay in the race financially and emotionally. Which one would you rather do? Become a leader and be one of the first to pioneer this new age strategy of Multi Level Marketing online before everyone else picks up on it.

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