MLM Success Tips – How to Keyword Research

Ranking in Google is something that everyone wants for their website. The reason being, it would generate free traffic for your websites. So, what does it mean to rank in Google? It means that your website will show up in the top 10 search results of a certain keyword or keyword phrase. There are different ways to rank in Google’s top 10 web rank checker spots. Your site can rank with blogging or article writing or some other form of content marketing, but every one of these processes begins in the same place. In order to rank in Google, or any search engine, you have to know what keyword or keyword phrase you want to rank for.

How do you choose your keywords?

The very first step is to do some keyword research. I like to use the free Google keyword tool. Use it to check out some keywords for the traffic that you want to attract to your website, and you can see how many searches per month that specific keyword gets. It will also show you hundreds of other synonyms for that keyword and their monthly search volume. Starting out, you wouldn’t want to try and rank for the keywords that have a search volume of greater than 2000. It is much easier to rank in the top 10 spots for the lower searched keywords.

After deciding which specific keywords you want to use, there is some more research that can be done to help you write your articles and rank in the search engines for those keywords. Use the SEO Firefox add-on to study other websites. has created this free tool so you can study the behind the scenes information of other websites. You can find information such as how old the site is, how many back links it has, what major directories it is listed in, and a lot of other useful information.

Next you want to do a Google search on the keywords that you’ve chosen for your content. Then you can study the information about the top 10 websites that rank in Google. I’m not advocating plagiarism, but you can get some great ideas for your content. Study the SEO side of these websites with the free tools that you’ve just set up. With all of the information that you can gather with these tools, it will make your content marketing more effective. Before you start writing, you’ll know if it’s a waste of your time to use certain keywords. There are even some nice tools to use after you’ve done some of the work.

Using these exact same tools, you can check the SEO statistics of your own website and your content. You’ll know which keywords need more work, and which ones don’t. The tool that I like to use for this is called the “rank checker”. It’s also a free tool that comes from SEObook, and you can see where any website ranks in the search engines for specific keywords or keyword phrases. The rank checker will show the website’s rank for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


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