Learn Internet Marketing Online With The IMMACC Program – A Comprehensive Company Review

Have you been thinking about learning internet marketing online? There are so many internet marketing programs available on the internet right now that if you are seriously thinking about learning internet marketing online, you probably have more questions than answers. In addition to all the hype and the disreputable companies that you may come across, one company stands out. So, of all the companies vying for your attention, why learn internet marketing online with the IMMACC program? The following is a comprehensive company review of the IMMACC program, and what it can do for you.

The IMMACC method of Internet Marketing has been around for a couple of years now and it appears to be going very well. So, exactly what is it, why is it different and how can you learn internet marketing online with the IMMACC program? IMMACC is the acronym for Internet Marketing, Mentoring and Coaching Center. It is a very straight-forward, comprehensive internet marketing program that appears to be different simply because of the vast training it offers. This extensive program offers essential training to individuals and existing businesses alike with over 700 hours of available training. There may be another program available with this much training material, but I have yet to find one.

IMMACC got its start originally as Big Ticket To Wealth, founded by Gerald Van Yerxa in 2007. With its popularity came success and the company has grown accordingly. As it grew, the founder decided to make some changes to the program itself, as well as its name. There have been some very progressive changes to the payment plans, to better help individuals who want to buy in to the program and begin learning immediately, but who might not have a lump sum of cash available to them. Considering the weakening of today’s economy, this was a prudent move. Now when you learn online marketing news with the IMMACC program, instead of one payment up front, IMMACC has come up with a very enticing payment plan for its new members, so that you can start learning the program immediately.

When you learn internet marketing online with the IMMACC program, here is a brief overview of what you will be getting:

    • Learn how to harness the power of the internet. You will learn how marketing on the internet can be used to promote and advertise you or your business or product successfully. Learn all the insider tips and strategies to get any business to the top of a Google search.


    • Training and support. With three live webinars weekly, 700 hours of video training theatres, and access to a live mentor as needed, the IMMACC program certainly appears to deliver on its training and support promises.


  • Online income earning potential. There is a turn-key affiliate marketing program for individuals who want to earn income while working online from home. Working from home is appealing to so many people for so many reasons and IMMACC has picked up on this.

The IMMACC system is a business opportunity that makes sense for an individual who wants to learn internet marketing online, create an income, and start a business from home. However, IMMACC is also great for anyone who currently owns a business and wants to learn how to successfully market their own business or product online.


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