Fun Ways To Celebrate The UAE National Day

UAE is such a diverse place – people come to visit and some come to settle here. Whether you consider UAE as your ‘home’ or your ‘home away from home’ it’s still fun and exciting to celebrate UAE National Day, no matter where you came from! On December 2nd, everyone will be in utter joy as we commemorate one of the most special days in the UAE.

And to make the day unforgettable, we have collated some ideas that you can do for your family and friends! Make this day an awesome feat through these tips!

1. Cook for everyone!

There is a staple dessert that is considered as the official sweet of the Emirates – the luqaimat. It looks like small dumplings that are drizzled with date molasses or honey. You can serve it when you invite people over to your house or bring it on your picnics or getaways.

2. Visit the malls!

Malls from all over the UAE will also have their kind of celebrations. There are numerous National Day events that you can enjoy. You can go to the malls and shop, while also dine and relax while you’re there. You can also see that they will prepare Stage Design, Lights, and even Traditional Tents just for the guests!

3. Filed trip!

You can also take a field trip into history – visit the historical quarter of Dubai in Dubai Creek. You can take the abra and take on an adventure while you explore this unique side of the city. You can indulge in the winter breeze while you’re at it!

4. Fireworks!

Of course, the day won’t be complete without seeing stunning fireworks in the sky. The night will be filled with colorful fireworks from different locations and the Dubai sky will surely look so beautiful under the moonlight and bright stars!

5. Seek an event company!

If you want to make an event for UAE National Day on your own, however, you can visit us, Invent Creative and Event Solutions – we can help you with the floor plan, sound system, and all the other things regarding the event management of your occasion!

Our team will help you with all that you need – as an event company; you can trust that your event will be fun, enjoyable, and unforgettable for all your guests!


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