Casino Craps – Part Two of the Mechanics of The Game – The Dice, Combinations and Craps Odds

Casino craps is played with two dice. These are specially made stamped with casino numbers on, imprinted with one to six dots and are transparent.Prediksi Togel HK Each craps die is as near perfect a cube as it can be. All these methods are adopted by the casinos to stop cheating at the craps table by swapping the dice for loaded ones.

The possible combinations that can be thrown with two craps dice are 6×6=36. The highest possible craps number being 12 and the lowest being 2. The following table shows all the numbers that can be thrown and the possible ways each number may be rolled for craps purposes.

  • Number
  • 2 1-1 1
  • 3 1-2, 2-1 2
  • 4 1-3,3-1,2-2 3
  • 5 1-4,4-1,3-2,2-3 4
  • 6 1-5,5-1,2-4,4-2,3-3 5
  • 7 1-6,6-1,2-5,5-2,4-3,3-4 6
  • 8 2-6,6-2,3-5,5-3,4-4 5
  • 9 3-6,6-3,4-5,5-4 4
  • 10 4-6, 6-4,5-5 3
  • 11 6-5,5-6 2
  • 12 6-6 1

It is important to know all these combinations and the true odds of them appearing in a craps table roll.
As you can clearly see, 7 is the most frequently rolled craps number and 1 and 12 the least likely.

In a game of craps the come out roll as discussed in part one of this series of articles, is set to establish a point. The reason for the point is so that bettors with the dice, can bet that the point number will repeat before a seven appears.
The point numbers in a game of craps are 4,5,6, 8,9,10.
The other numbers as well as being winners or losers on the come out roll are used for one roll bets in the game. The casino will for example give odds of 30-1 on a 12 being rolled. You place your bet in the correct portion on the craps table and it is valid for the next roll only. A quick read through this article shows you that is a ridiculous bet to make. There are 36 combinations of dice roll, the 12 is only one of those combinations so the true odds are 35-1. The casino will pay 30-1 giving the casino a massive 13.89% advantage. Some casinos pay 29-1 increasing their advantage to 16.67%. You will notice at these casinos that the craps table will say 30 for 1 as opposed to 30-1. Avoid these tables as it is just the casino stealing more advantage than they already have. Try and learn the odds of a true roll for the numbers and you will be able to work out the value bets at the craps table.

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