A Tribute to Russia and Life – Let Us Embrace God’s Love

A month hardly goes by without a major disaster of one sort or another happening somewhere in our world; perhaps they always will. The closeness of these events signifies how interlinked all of us are because we all feel its tremors. There are no boundaries where disasters are concerned because as a humanity we are very human and feel each other’s happiness and pangs of pain. مواقيت الصلاة فى تونس

Around the world, we have an invisible chord, an invisible embrace so others will know we are here for them. Live Aid proved how much we all care, all the people were rocking all over the world to prove just that, and millions of lives have been saved because of the success of that event. When the Twin Towers were annihilated, when hurricane Katrina, when the floods in Pakistan, the starvation in Somalia, the floods in Australia and now the bomb in Russia we always stand united around the globe.

No matter what radicals may aim to prove there is one thing they unintentionally prove and that is how much we all want to live in harmony and peace. Every man woman and child wants to grow and experience all that life has to offer and then some as well as the freedom and privilege of being alive. The spirit that God has gifted us with ensures that our link shall never be broken and like the flow of one energy form to another energy form and to another our love flows through each of us in continuum.

We may aim to disprove our affinity towards each other because of primitive mindsets but when disaster strikes we jump to the task, we step up to the plate always and count the cost later. While this strength awaits being triggered, lives go about their duty and butterflies carry life from flower to flower thus the circle of life blooms.

The greatest weapon we have against rigid extremist terrorism is love and thus it shall behoove us to display that power with wild abandon. God has promised us that when we embrace his love we shall triumph and adversity shall wane because we are going to wear the garlands of triumphant warriors and friends.

On the 24th January 2011, thirty-five people were killed in Donodedovo Airport outside of Moscow because of extremist factions seeking to dominate and prove that they are not disappearing from their purpose. Over one hundred innocent people were injured because rigid minds decline to benefit from the proper channels of diplomacy. May our prayers go out to President Dimitry Medvedev and his compatriots who in grief stand firm and united against the tyranny of radical extremists, may they be embraced in our love.

Fear is the tool or the weapon of choice for radicals and with every suicide bomber’s actions that fear is felt in the soul of every forthright human being around the globe. When Hitler threatened our world, we joined forces and we were united, where even people from neutral countries joined the armies of countries willing to defend human freedom, because life matters.

Let us now rally together en masse with God’s Love as our weapon and fight this adversity that threatens to destroy us and keep us under their threat of attack anywhere any time against all peoples except their own narrow warped world. As people of God, we cannot sit still while lives are threatened and if united prayer will prove the most efficient method before all out war commences, then let us embrace God’s love through a united front of prayer.

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